Where in the Social Media World is God?

If God was Waldo and the world was Social Media, where in the social media is God?  Did you know that there are over 200 Social Networking sites listed on wikipedia as viable sites dating back to 1995 with the bulk of them birthed in the past 8 year?  One can hardly wrap your head around the speed of which the electronic social world has exploded! So I asked you a few days ago how you thought Jesus would respond to this communication phenom.  Most of you argued that Jesus would be right in the middle of it – one even wondered what would be posted on his facebook wall.  Maybe something like “Going fishin?”   So tell me, in your own vast world of social networking,  where is the world of social media is God?

Be still and……lr

4 responses to “Where in the Social Media World is God?

  1. In answer to your quest, Libby, my best guess is : apparently, everywhere! I’m guessing God would not want to miss all this, being, at God’s heart, a God who is so much interested in relationship. If the Son of God can leave the Father’s throne to come and take on our humanity, my guess is that God is chuckling over and hovering over our every attempt to speak of God, and to interact with one another in genuineness, internet or no. And on the occasions where the net is used to harm, I’m guessing God is there already, working on damage control for our sakes. That’s my best guess.

  2. On the road to Emmaus (whatever our Emmaus might be) is where we will find God on the internet. I do not believe God is confined to any one media, but is present in all 200+ locales and will continue to be in each new one. I realized today how much all our posts speak about God’s presence whether we realize it or not. Each time we like a photo, a comment, or reply to a hurt God is showing through. Yes, my revelation of the day is Social Media and the church has been alive and well for years in my realm, I’ve just never considered it as part of who I am before.

  3. I agree that God is right in the middle of this social networking phenomenon. I have seen examples of that in the blogs of my fellow classmates, God is at work here as he was in Abraham, Moses and John the Baptist just to name a few. Instead of writing on stone tablets and scrolls the medium has changed to blogs and facebook. The word of God speaks in countless ways!

  4. God has always used the media of the times; spoken word, singing, story telling, written word (hebrew and Greek), printing press, television and radio, etc. So I would have to agree with the other comments that God is present and active within our modern social media. I don’t think we have to worry about God keeping up with us, he always meets us right where we are at.

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