Sacred Spaces on the Internet?

In today’s Religion: Belief Blog on I read an article written by a mom who spoke about the inclusion of a table blessing at the meals of her three year old daughter. Taught this blessing at preschool by her teacher who wanted to calm the children down and to make them both mindful and thankful for the food, the crops and earth that they grew in, and the ones who tended to them, this preschooler came home and declared when they sat down for dinner that she wanted to say the table blessing. Coming from an interfaith family growing up, this mother and author did not practice saying a blessing before meals. But she writes,

              When my daughter asked that we say this blessing at the dinner table, I simply said yes and wrote it out on a blue sticky note for us to recite. I knew right away that it filled my need for some gratitude shared with family and thanks for everyone who worked to put that food on our table.

               When we hold hands and say it or some version of it, we are transformed. We are consciously a family in that moment, grateful and present for each other and our food, regardless of the day’s events. It is a sacred moment for me. (Katia Hetter, My Faith: How saying a blessing changed my secular family’s meals, Belief Blog,, June 12, 2011)

God created humans to be in relationship with God. The human race has in some form or fashion always sought the sacred – to seek a power greater than us. We are a yearning species that desires to have an understanding of the way we are connected to and in world, and as a people, what our purpose is. The question is, can we enter into a virtual sacred space and be transformed, finding a new identity and connectedness? Or does this only happen holding hands around the dinner table?   (This is a 2 part post – Don’t give me responses until after you read tomorrow’s post. Just be still and keep pondering!)

Be still and….lr

2 responses to “Sacred Spaces on the Internet?

  1. Your entries have been thought-provoking and enlightening. I believe Jesus would have been “blogging” to reach as many people he could and would have rejoiced in using any available tool to reach believers. I have deepened friendships that have enriched my life by using the internet. The comment by Beronica about texting made me smile; I’ve learned that lesson and know I’ll always receive a prompt response from my granddaughters when I text! Using technology just makes so much sense for the church and for brothers and sisters in Christ.

  2. Not only does god create us to be in relationship with Him, we are also created to be in relationship with each other. Look at the creation story. It is not good for the man to be alone.” God knew it from the get-go.
    There is something truly wonderful about gathering together to communally worship God. It could be as simple as a table grace, yet it is transformative as the author of the article you shared stated. Perhaps it comes as no great surprise that in Acts, the members of the early church spent time together sharing prayer, meals, and the reading of scripture. Hmm…kinda sounds like worship doesn’t it?

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