And the Survey Says!?! just released a new study on “Social Networking Sites (SNS) and our lives.”  Asking questions of whether or not these technologies isolate people and truncate their relationships, the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project investigated online connections and relationships and the effect SNS may have on our society.  In a November 2010 survey, Pew concludes that “there is little validity to concerns  that people who use SNS experience smaller social networks, less closeness, or are exposed to less diversity.

You may find this article interesting, especially if you’re reading this blog because then the survey would be talking about you!

So what do you think?  Are we a more isolated world of people with truncated relationships?  Or ….?  Read the survey and tell us how you compared with the rest of the SN world!

be still and blog….. lr

2 responses to “And the Survey Says!?!

  1. I wonder if it is not just that relationships are suffering but that the dynamics of relationships are changing. The value of personal interaction and in person conversation may be slightly diminished in exchange for quick responses. I try to think of the differences between writing letters versus emails. One of my favorite authors is JRR Tolkien, and in a published work his son Christopher has pieced together many of his letters that he wrote over the years. I find it incredibly interesting how much time and thought went into these letters. With today’s “instant” technology I wondering how much thought goes into what we say and how we say it, as well as the depth in which we choose to pursue the clarity of vocabulary in order to get our points across. If this aspect of our selves fail it will only create greater misunderstandings between us which may in turn lead to futile relationships based on very little substance.

  2. Libbie,

    Thanks for this article and survey information. I’ll be honest, a lot of it is not what I would have expected. Just goes to show about making assumptions. The question did raise in my mind, however, a question about the intangibles of our relationships. There is a something special about a hand on a shoulder, or aknowing smile. Emoticons and Facebooks “pokes” will never fully take the place of community. Social networking is a bar, it’s a art show, it’s a family fathering, it’s a context(or contexts) in which various aspects of our relationships might be nurtured and fostered. Apparently, it is a context that may be much more effective than I would have expected.

    I don’t think we are made more isolated by using social networks, but perhaps we are more annonymous. Social networks allow for the opportunity to retreat behind a screen and quietly watch others live their lives. I’ve heard our modern society as a place where a bunch of people are alone together. This seems a fitting paradox for social networks. People all over the world sitting(most often) by themselves in front of a screen. So, are they alone or together… or both?

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