Be still and NO post

I’m home from Luther Seminary and tomorrow I’m headed to Jackson Michigan to join our church youth and 400 other youth and adults at a Group workcamp. We’ll be helping to rebuild a neighborhood. So after all this blogging about virtual community – I’m going unplugged – at least that’s what I anticipate even though I’ll have my smartphone! – and connecting in another way – with hammers and nails and paint and sweat and laughter and sighing and sleeping on school floors. Hopefully there will be some time for still-ness.

Be still and ….lr

“Be still and know that I am God.”  Psalm 46: 10

2 responses to “Be still and NO post

  1. I meditate on “Be still and know” at those times that I need to quiet my mind when it is so full of thoughts that I cannot relate to any one thought. This happens a lot as I try to juggle everything I need to be (wife, mother, chiropractor, seminarian, intern pastor) that I wind up really being nothing. To be everything, I need to first empty myself to become nothing. In the stillness I find my center, my purpose, my peace and my strength to again be all God is calling me into.

    I feel this way sometimes in the world of Social Media. Sometimes, I just need to get away. We all need to do this. Didn’t Jesus need to leave the crowds behind occasionally?

  2. I keep reading how pleased people are to have taken some intentional time away from their computers and I hope you have the same experience. I’d like to do the same as well, but it seems my inbox fills so quickly with things that demand a response. Perhaps it’s time to use my tech savvy to create an auto-reply to just let the world know I haven’t forgotten it, but rather that I’m taking a moment to hear God’s presence in the rest of it. Thanks for indirectly adding to the voice suggesting a computer hiatus to me.

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