be still and ponder… (wk of August 28th)

On Sunday, 25 members of our congregation managed the water stations for the Sunset Hills Triathlon.   We wore our church t-shirts, hung a vinyl 6 foot church sign over one of the stations and got to work, strategically “handing” out water to the runners-by so as to not impede the progress of the runners as well as avoid getting drenched ourselves.  As I was regrettably unable to participate (I was scheduled to preach across the street!) I heard that it was indeed great fun for all.  But there was something unexpected that happened.  At least for me – and that was the God element.  Apparently, as the church folks began to cheer the participants on,  our church labels on our t-shirts and signs seemed to give folks running by permission to engage in God talk.  Stuff like, “You’re almost done!” and a shout back, “Praise the Lord!” and “Hallelujah!” and “Bless you!”  came right back.  From reports back it seemed as though our being a church supporting these athletes was a welcome surprise – almost as if to say, “You really care about us?”   The other God thing was the surprise church folks had that being the church out in the world could be so much fun and easy!  All in all, God was and is indeed up to something grand.  And in a way, maybe we were the ones in training!  I’m also just pondering – Could it be that we were cheering them on for something bigger than “just” a triathlon?” (join in the conversation with a comment below)

My heartfelt thanks for those church folks who stepped up and said YES to holding out a cup of cool water for the thirsty.  You are a blessing.

BTW – check out another unrelated blog that one of our members, Peter Mead posted on, using our water station experience as an example.

be still and…. lr

One response to “be still and ponder… (wk of August 28th)

  1. Thanks for sharing a link to my blog. Loved your post…and am thankful for Peter Mead!

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