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Healing Prayer for the Nations

IMG_0361I just walked back to the comfort of my dorm room at Stub Hall of Luther Seminary following a prayer service for the Healing of the Nations.  I’m attending the mid-winter convocation on “Worship in a Time of Change.”  At the prayer service we were given the opportunity to light tea lights and place them on the canvas painting of the world (painted by seminarians in January guided by alumnus and former artist in residence Chuck Hoffman).  We were invited to stay and kneel in prayer for the nations of the world.  There, on the “edge of the world,” I was overcome with emotion for my global brothers and sisters as we heard pairings of the names of nations sung, and we responded with a repeated litany to the nations, “Peace be yours…”

In those quiet moments I was awakened to the realities of my global  connectedness to the peoples of God’s world.  My heart began to tug for the babies of Malawi and their mamas who struggle to keep them alive and fed.   I could hear them singing to their babies about the food that would help them grow.   I could smell the pig and chicken farms of the inhabitants of the squatter villages in Hong Kong and the rice pickers in China.  I saw images of displaced children and families in war torn regions of Syria, Africa, and Palestine.  I heard the global voices of hunger and oppression rise from the canvas.   I saw dismantled and broken bodies of those caught in warfare flickering in the flames of the candles.  And I saw people picking up the pieces from natural disasters that have destroyed their homes and brought death to their doorstep.

For where or for whom does your heart tug?

Come Healer God, Come.  Come in the midst of strife.  Come in the midst of darkness and bring your light – a light among the Nations.  Come Healer God, Come….. and bring peace.