Daily Archives: July 5, 2017

A living prayer

Devote yourselves to prayer. Colossians 4:2

I took a class on prayer while I was in seminary the first time around.  Sounds kind-of odd, doesn’t it?

Now you might think that we studied all the GREAT prayers of the Christian Faith.  You might think we studied all the components of a GREAT prayer.  You might think we studied the many GREAT ways we can address the one we’re praying to.  You might think we learned a few public speaking skills to “perform” a GREAT prayer.  Maybe.  But not really.  But here’s what I learned:

To listen…to and for God.

To see God present in my everyday life.

And then, to make my life a prayer.

I’ve been pondering this for 20 years. To be a living prayer.  God wants so desperately to be a part of my life.  Scripture tells us that God created us to be in relationship with God. Period.  Every moment of every day.  Now I’m not talking about the Benedictine practice of daily prayer or any other spiritual discipline of “scheduled” prayer (although those are wonderful disciplines).  I’m talking about living, breathing, engaging the world with a heart that speaks to God and listens to God. A life that reflects a deep abiding with the Spirit.  For this is my prayer!

Now I am well aware that I fall short of the glory of God many moments of my day.  But I also know that my God walks with me, picks me up, laughs with me, cries with me, and sets me on my feet…again and again….as I strive to be a living prayer.

My prayer for us this day is that we experience God’s tap on our shoulder, as God says, “Wanna chat?”

peace. prL