new paths.

All the paths of the Lord are steadfast love and faithfulness, for those who keep his covenant and his decreesPsalm 25:10


So I use google maps exclusively, with the exceptional Siri inquiry.  Moving into a new city a year ago with traffic mayhem pretty much 24/7, I consult GM nearly every time I get into the car, whether I know where I’m going or not.  GM is my life saver.



But there’s just one problem – while I get to my destination with very little glitches, I sometimes don’t know where I actually am.  I know if I’m North/South, East/West – but where I actually am in relation to my surroundings is often questionable.

The Psalmist is asking the Lord for guidance and deliverance.  And one of the things that s/he is sure about, is that following the way of the Lord will promise God’s steadfast love and faithfulness.  That’s covenant keeping, and life saving. Trusting that in all the places we go, God will provide, surrounding us with steadfast love and faithfulness.  Yet covenants are not a one-way street.  Covenants are made between separate entities, coming together, intersecting along the way.

During these Summer Sabbath days, I find myself covenanting in new ways with the One who created me.  It’s a journey of  letting myself be guided on new paths. Yet because of the promise I know exactly where I’m at – surrounded by God’s love and faithfulness. Always.

My prayer for you is to let God be your guide, trusting is God’s steadfast love and faithfulness – even when the way seems unclear.


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