Jesus said, “Take care! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; for one’s life does not consist in the abundance of possessions.” Luke 12:15

I live a privileged life.  Plain and simple.  And my tendency when I read texts like this is to justify the “stuff” I have.  That I don’t have that much.  That the stuff I have is necessary.  That I don’t over-indulge….. that much.  The truth is I like nice things.  I like a kept home, and I like decorating it. I like conveniences  and efficiency, things that aren’t broken or run down.  I like new clothes and I like giving others nice and meaningful things.  I like going places and eating good food and experiencing new and different things. And I guess you could say, I have an abundance of possessions.  Yes, I have more than most of the world’s population.

And there are times in my life, sometimes daily, that I think that I am defined by these things. Case in point: I drive a Subaru – I’m part of the Subaru “LOVE” family – I do cool things, I’m adventurous, I must be cool. But the truth is, that my stuff doesn’t define who I am and certainly not WHOSE I am (which is why I think Jesus tells us to “Take Care!” Be aware! of our greed for all kinds of things).  On the contrary, I have been splashed with the waters of Baptism and am daily reminded that I am a child of God – I might be known as other things; a wife, mother, daughter, sister, a Subaru driver (!) – but I am only those things by the grace of God who entered into my life and loves me for who I am.

Growing up my parents used to say to my brother and me often, “Remember your Baptism.” Now I was baptized as an infant, so when I was young I thought that was a bit odd – how was I supposed to remember when I was 2 weeks old?  But as I grew and they continued to tell me to remember my baptism, I realized that what they meant was that I needed tok remember that I was a child of God.  It didn’t matter what I was wearing, who I was hanging with, the “stuff” that I possessed; rather, what mattered and matters is where my heart dwells as a child of God.  Martin Luther says that where your treasure is, there also will be your heart.  God wants my life; God wants to inhabit my heart, and not let other “stuff” become my treasure. So daily, I am called to RYB, remember my baptism.  Remember that even though I like nice things (and that’s ok, btw), God is my true  treasure, giving me new life each day – a day I’m privileged to share my stuff with others and give God glory for the many blessings that I have.

To God be the glory!  Join me today and RYB. peace. prL

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  1. “Wear your seat belts, eat your broccoli and remember your baptism” were the words daily said to our boys as they were growing up. We thank Dangerous Darrell Wallis for his wise words.

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