Monthly Archives: August 2019

Do Something.

I have written this post in my heart and mind every day this week, since the horrific events of El Paso and Dayton have become the most recent events of violence and senseless death in our country; as well as seeing children who’s parents have been snatched from them as they went to their first day of school.  And quite frankly, I have had difficulty coming up with the right words that would somehow address what each of us may be feeling. I myself have been torn inside with a multitude of emotions and thoughts, trying to come to some place that gives me peace.
But I’m not sure that’s what God’s asking of us or providing.  Peace, that is, where God takes care of it and I just wait.  It would be easy and most welcoming to me if I could explain it away, and park myself where I think the righteous thing to do and believe is, find my peeps who feel the same way as I do, and then find inner peace until it all blows over.
But here’s the thing – I believe God is calling me – us – to something much more difficult, and just plain hard.  And admittedly – something I do not want to do. But we are not called to be silent in the midst of oppression, we are not called to stand aside and point fingers at the other, when we fail first to look into ourselves.  Instead, we are called to step out of our shoes and as horrific as it may be, step into the shoes of the ones we point to, who perpetuate the hate we call out.  This I believe is God’s path to peace.
And so that’s why I’m struggling today.  That the road to peace is through struggle and vulnerability.  But God is calling us to do something. To act. And not on our behalf that we might “win,” but on behalf of the other. The oppressed. The violated. To dehumanized. God is calling us to be the peacemakers.  May God show us the way and walk the path to peace with us, however difficult it may be.
Here, my friends, is also RMS Bishop Gonia’s response this week.

I pray for all of us, our children and families who may live in fear.  And I especially pray for those victims of violence and families who have lost loved ones, that God bring comfort and hope. be yours. prL