one of those promises.

Jesus said to the disciples, “So you have pain now; but I will see you again, and your hearts will rejoice, and no one will take your joy from you.” John 16:22

It’s hard to be a disciple.  It’s easy to say these words….(you have pain now, but not forever) These words may even be fairly easy to hear… But not easy to live.  This is one of those promises that we Christians know in the heart of our hearts – it’s the promise that if we can bear to hold on to, gets us through those really tough spots.  It’s also the easiest to let go of when the pain is too deep..

And then there’s joy.  The promise is that there will be joy! I learned a long time ago that joy is not necessarily happy. Happy is the sensation you feel when you’re experiencing something good, things are going “right.”  But joy, I’ve come to believe, is that deep resonance of contentment that I think, comes from surrender.  All might not be roses and sunshine, but there’s this knowing that God’s got this.  Perhaps all we can muster up is a feeling that “this too…. shall pass.” And when I”m there, in that space, leaving it all to God, that’s enough.  Enough to bring joy. And no one can take that from me.

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