T.R.I.P. Meditations

Take a TRIP through Scripture.  Below is one type of prayer meditation that you can use to pray through scripture.  You simply choose a text and use the method below to guide your meditations on the text.  You may read through the text several times as you move through the prayer method.  This can become a daily meditation practice.

The T.R.I.P. Prayer Method

This method of praying through scripture was created by Mount Carmel Ministries in 1989.  It teaches people to ask four questions that are similar to Martin Luther’s way of praying through scripture.

  1. THANKSGIVING:  What is this verse makes me thankful?  Begin your prayer with:  “I thank you God for…..”
  2. REGRET: What in this verse causes me regret?  Ask God to forgive you for one thing that you are sorry for.
  3. INTERCESSION (prayer): What does this text lead me to pray for?  Intercession is one way of praying for the Holy Spirit’s power for inner change.  Ask the Holy Spirit to help you with one thing you regret, or use this time to pray for another who is in need.
  4. Purpose:  What action does this text encourage me to take today?  Now ask God to lead you to do something for God in response to the above petitions.

Go to Mt. Carmel Ministries  for more information.

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